Steel Roller


Custom Steel Roller (Steel Core/Cylinder/Drum)

We specialize in precision steel cylinder rollers, including idler rolls, drive rollers, guide roller, heat transfer rolls, chill rollers, anilox roller, embossing rollers, chrome plated rollers, mirror roller, printing rollers, calender roller, coating roller, drum roller, conveyor rollers, etc.

●Production Capacity: max. diameter 2,000mm, max. length 12,000mm. 

●Surface Coating: zinc plating, chrome coating, Teflon coating, painting, rubber covering, electroless nickel plated, tungsten carbide coated, plasma coating, thermal spray coating, etc., depending on the applications.

Application Fields: wide digital printer, textile printing machine, textile machinery, nonwoven machinery, converting machinery, logistics equipment, packaging machinery, laminating machine, cotton picker, mine conveyor, plastic film industry, etc.

Heat Treatment: steel drum roller body could be annealed or hardened if needed.

Packaging: well-designed packaging is also very important for precision industrial steel shaft rollers, otherwise rollers may be damaged in the loading/unloading process and transportation.

Steel Roller also named as: industrial steel roller, metal roller, transport roller, web handling roller, feed rolls, pressure roller, idler roller, drive rolls, guide roller, conveyor roller, conveyor pulley, heat transfer roller, chill rolls, vacuum roller, shaft roller, drum roller, cylinder roller, iron roller, axle roller, spindle roller, nip roller, winding roller, pinch roller, hard chrome roller, chrome plated roller, Teflon coated roller, anilox roller, embossing roller, crowned roller, pinch roller, front roller, back roller, coating roller, calender roller, laminating roller, etc.  

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